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St Margaret's Primary School- PAThS Model School Application Video

We are very proud to have been working in partnership with Barnardos over the last two years to establish PAThS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Skills) in our school Health and Wellbeing curriculum. Thank you to everyone who has supported us- our amazing pupils who work hard everyday and who have taken the messages of PAThS into their daily lives with fervour and dedication. To our wonderful families and others in our school community who have supported us by attending assemblies, cafes and other events promoting his great initiative. We have all worked together to give our children skills that they will take into their adult lives. Well done everyone! We hope you enjoy our film.


For school session Aug 20-June 21 we have made the decision to make some changes to school uniform requirements. This is due to the need to maintain physical distancing and the Scottish Government's advice to adopt more approaches to outdoor learning, to maximise available space, and aid this requirement.

We will, for this session, adopt a more casual uniform. The only stipulated item that you may need to purchase from a school uniform shop is a burgundy, badged St Margaret's school sweatshirt. In addition, pupils are asked to wear white poloshirt, grey joggers/leggings and trainers which you can purchase from wherever you please. Please ensure these are not branded items, there is no need to purchase expensive sportswear for school uniform. Also, please note, no schoolbag will be required.

As the pupils will be outside more please ensure they have a warm/waterproof jacket with them every day.

Many thanks to the Parent Council for their representations in this matter, your support is appreciated.


Buchanan Street
Tel: 0300 300 0185


Welcome to the website for St. Margaret's Primary School, we hope you enjoy finding out more about our school and what is happening throughout the school year.
In St. Margaret's we encourage children to achieve their potential in all areas of the curriculum, by providing Learning and Teaching of the highest standard, and a curriculum which encompasses all national and local advice.

St Margaret's Primary School is situated in Johnstone, Refrewshire
The feeder secondary school is

St Benedict's High School
in Linwood and the schools have formed good links with each other.
The school also enjoys good links with local primaries and in the local community.


New Telephone Number for St Margaret’s Primary

effective from 24th April 2019

0300 300 0185

Coronavirus - information for parents and carers

We are continuing to follow national guidance and our school remains open with business as usual.

If this changes, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Please follow the council on Twitter @RenCouncil or visit for the latest updates.

For health advice, visit

Dates for your diary:
Class Christmas Parties and Visit from Santa Friday 18th December
School Closes Friday 18th December @ 2.30pm

School Re-opens Wednesday 6th January @ 9.00am


Eco Schools Scotland

We are proud to be an Eco School having gained our third flag in the session of 2018-19. We are proud to be an Eco School having gained our third flag in the session of 2018-19.

H&WB, Physical Education and Sport

Pupil Equity Funding has helped immensely with our Health & Wellbeing Curriculum. We have used a large percentage of our PEF to employ Mr Tollan, he is a qualified PE teacher at both Primary and Secondary level. He has had a great impact on the place of sport within the school- children are enjoying it more, participating more and competing for more. They have been exposed to a wider range of sports and skills. A lot of children are reporting that they are more health-conscious and feel fitter. Some children have had the opportunity to watch sport - we have watched Scotland play at Hampden, the Strathclyde Sirens play netball at the Emirates, we have watched national swimming and athletics championships too. 

During the relatively short time that Mr Tollan has been here,  he has applied for  SportScotland School Sports Awards, we were delighted to be successful in achieving  Bronze, Silver and Gold School Sports Awards. 
All of our work in improving PE is part of our drive to improve children's health and wellbeing and it complements our other H&WB priorities such as YouthMindfulness and PAThS.

Our Local Parish

We have very close links with St. Margaret's Church in Graham Street, which is next to the school.
On the first Friday of each month all children in the school go to Mass in the parish. We are very active participants at Mass with children from Primary 4- Primary 7 participating by reading and taking forward the gifts at the Offertory Procession.
Being close to the church is very important to us. We visit regularly and a lot of our Sacramental preparation takes place within the church so that our pupils understand the importance of their faith.
Fr Paul is a regular and very welcome visitor to our school.
As a school we are proud to have St Margaret of Scotland as our patron saint. We are a very charitable school helping those in our own community as well as others from across the world.
Like St Margaret, our purse always has something in it for those in more need than we are.

Maths Week Scotland

Special Visitors for Assembly- click on the picture to see some more photos! Special Visitors for Assembly- click on the picture to see some more photos!

We had a lot of fun during the first ever Maths Week Scotland. In our flier home to parents we told you that we were concentrating on 3 areas. This is how we got on:

Sumdog- Everybody in school was encouraged to participate in Sumdog’s competition. This promoted digital learning and we found many pupils participated from home too.

Roald Dahl Day- everyone relates Roald Dahl to literacy but we used his stories as a focus for numeracy. We looked at The BFG, Enormous Crocodile, Esio Trot, James and the Giant Peach, Revolting Rhymes and, of course, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There was a strong focus on active learning. We explored: measure; weight; problem solving; area perimeter and volume; 3D shape; scale; information handling; pattern; symmetry; number stories; odds and evens; cardinal and ordinal numbers; tens and units; numbers before, after and in between. P7 mapped and measured routes of chocolate and cocoa from around the world to Johnstone.

STEM Challenges- we encourage children to recognise that numeracy is found across the curriculum. Willy Wonka and his chief Oompah Loompah visited and they delivered a STEM challenge to each class. P1 & 1/2 had to make an enormous crocodile < and > function machine and some foldable crocodiles to help them learn numbers to 10 and 20. P2 had to put their measuring skills to good use and make some magic peppermint puddles and spinning eggs. P3 had to stack jelly cubes and make raisins dance. P4 had to create a gobstopper dispenser so had to use their knowledge of angles to get it to run smoothly. P5 had to build a bridge to cross the chocolate river that could hold a 250g weight. P5/6 had to make a boat that would float and could be powered using a chemical reaction and P7 had to calculate the speed of light from melting chocolate in the microwave as well as design a new balloon powered elevator for Willy Wonka.

Click on Willy Wonka and his Chief Oompah Loompah to see our photo slideshow. Visit our class pages to find out about all of our fantastic experiences during Maths Week- you can see our STEM challenges and Roald Dahl maths work.

Breakfast Club

There is a 'Morning Club' in St Margaret's. The children can come along and play some games, get involved in some healthy sports activities and have a healthy breakfast, the club is not a drop in service. This is a free club, open to everyone from Primary 1 -Primary 7.

From Monday 5th February please note the infant doors open at 8.30am and close at 8.35am. NO entry is permitted after this time.

School Award

'Golden Tickets'. A different pupil will be chosen each week who has caught the teachers attention for doing something good. One child from each class will receive a Golden Ticket via the school post. This invites them to sit at the Golden Table on Friday for lunch. We hope every child in the school will get this opportunity at least once in the school year.

To make it a treat for the children we will provide juice, cakes and funsize bars. We know we
should be promoting healthy eating however I hope you will agree once or twice per year will not do much harm.

If you do not wish your child to eat any of the treats please contact the school.

Hungry for Success

These lunch menus are served in all schools across Renfrewshire and are the most up to date options. Any changes to lunch menus will be sent out to parents before meal changes are implemented. Please click on above image to view lunch menus.

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